address:No. 16 Hubei province
                  Xiaogan Qiankun Avenue
                  the top 1 units of the
                  upper 2803 room

category of the product:high tension switchgear

High voltage switchgear is refers to in the voltage 3KV and above, frequency 50Hz and below the power system running in the indoor and outdoor AC DC switchgear.

category of the product:low voltage switch equipment

GCS type low pressure switch cabinet GCS type low voltage switchgear GCK switch cabinet GGD low voltage switchgear Assembled low voltage switchgear MNSC type low pressure switch cabinet MS low pressure switch cabinet

category of the product:box type substation cabinet

Box type transformer substation, also called the pre installed substation or prefabricated substation.

category of the product:electrical material

First of all, the electronic and electrical appliances and This is a very obvious reason.