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company profile
       Hubei Hao Yang Electrical Co., Ltd. is a science, industry and trade integration of the private enterprises, registered capital of RMB 500 million yuan, registered in Wuhan, Hubei, was established on January 15, 2008, 2011 March moved, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province.
      Hubei Hao Yang Electric Co., Ltd. since its inception has been engaged in sales business to undertake high-rise building electrical engineering, industrial electrical engineering projects and related equipment, materials, and long-term and aerospace enterprises, state-owned power supply enterprise, petrochemical and other maintained good cooperative relations, sales of domestic brands of high and low voltage switch cabinet, power distribution cabinet (box), box type variable electrical cabinets, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electronic components, power wire and cable, cable bridge line, busbar, high and low voltage electrical equipment and engineering supporting material exchange, in Hubei, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Henan, Sichuan and other places have good sales performance.
      Beginning in 2013, the company focused on the development of XL and high and low voltage switchgear and distribution equipment production, sales and installation business, independent production company of GCK-S type low voltage draw type switch cabinet, GGJ low-voltage reactive power compensation cabinet, GGD low voltage fixed type switch cabinet, PXTR Zhao Minggui (box) dynamic low-voltage power distribution cabinet (box) and other series products have passed the China Quality Certification Center (CCC); hxgn-12 series box type fixed type AC metal closed high voltage high voltage switch cabinet, kyn28-12 series high voltage switch cabinets, etc. series of products through the national quality supervision and Inspection Center for high and low voltage electrical products quality inspection.
     At the same time, the company is trying to expand international trade business, in 2013 for the goods import and export qualifications, has the independent import and export trade qualifications, have been in power inverter, converter, photovoltaic products, air purifiers and other electronic products export trade made better achievements, products have been sold to South Korea, Japan, Austria, Russia, Australia, the United States and other 10 countries and regions.
     In 2015, the company injected into the creation of Hubei Germany wide Technology Co., Ltd., as the company's exclusive products manufacturing base for the company to strengthen product quality control, improve the delivery schedule and provide a reliable service to reinforce the foundation.
      Hubei Hao Yang Electric Co., Ltd. has always insisted "sincere service, people-oriented" business purposes, with "resource sharing, cooperation and win-win" business principles, adhere to the "customer first, the satisfaction of all parties" of the service concept, pay more to high-quality products, high standards of service and flexible marketing strategy as a product of expanding the market guarantee, dedication of return customers.
      We would like to be your faithful friend, and you will always be in the hands of you!
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